Christian Women Development

JDMN (Jesus Disciple Ministries for Nation) is playing dynamic role to raise the standard of Pakistani Christian women. Female population is huge sector of population that lives in fears, depression and inferiority complex and is extremely helpless. We are grateful for a women ministry team that goes into different communities to serve women and winning them for our Lord Jesus Christ. For the encouragement of women we also arrange women conferences & seminars for them and so many other programs are designed for them.
JDMN Women Adult Education is one the supreme project which is providing the basic education to the women through opening Basic Education Centers for women. Centers are being run by JDMN. The main purposes of these canters are to educate the Christian women and create self-confidence among them. The Christian literacy rate in Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not more than 2% in which the ratio of women education is terrible low which is devastating point for the future of Christianity. Through these centers hundreds of women are getting education and saving their lives from lot of horrible problems. We believe a mother should be educated so that she could teach their Children in respective way and enable to produce a strong and educated nation. We provide free books, copies and stationary to start this center. We are trying our best to educate the mothers because this is crystal clear that “An educated mother can generate the Educated Nation”. These centers are not specific just for secular education point but these centers are also using as a salvation point too. We appointed ladies pastors in these education centers who regularly visit at centers twice a week to teach and preach the Gospel among women. Every year hundreds of women are taking advantage from these education centers. Women are full of passion and make a convent they would not leave this center until they did not able to read the Bible for lighten of their families.
JDMN is also providing livelihood to the women through JDMN Skill Centers for women. 20 Centers in different part of the country are being run by the ministry for women. Organization primarily motive to make the poor Christian women skillful to earn their livelihood for fulfilling their needs and feeding their Children in respective way. Women work outside the house and hunted by lot of evils some are mistreated some are raped and some are accused by stealing. To prevent these evils many centers are being open in different part of the city. These centers is making the Christian women skillful and creating self-confidence among them. We provide Sewing Machines to the ladies in these centers to learn about how to sew through professional teachers who are teaching them sewing and embroideries in a secure shelter and survive respectfully. Hundreds of sewing machines have been distributed among the women. Your powerful prayers of encouragement would be strengthening for us.