JDMN love box

JDMN LOVE BOX! Is a revolutionary project started on 2008 inspired by a TRUE STRY OF BIBLE (LUKE 10: 30) which is role model that how we should help others without any greed and interest. Children are very easy target of Satan to hunt so that’s why we need to keenly focus to our children WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WHERE THEY ARE GOING. JDMN LOVE BOX project is playing vital role to reach the poor & needy children and showing them the unconditional love of the highest God.
Children are very important in our life and we cannot ignore them in any way. Jesus Christ himself said let the children come to me and do not stop them, JDMN always try to focus the children especially how we can deny that today’s children are the future church, until and unless we did not give them good news they cannot be a good human and good Christian. To reach these children and showing them the love of Christ we need to take some good and sound steps.
JDMN LOVE BOX project is a dynamic project to reach the children. Through this project we are reaching to unreached children including street children who are ignored badly .JDMN LOVE BOX contain some attractive and necessary things which is need and useful for the kids like BOYS AND GIRLS OUTFITS (ACCORDING TO SEASONS) SHOES, SOCKS, SOFT TOYS, CHRISTIAN STORY BOOK WITH PICTURES, CANDIES, TOOTH BRUSH, TOOTH PASTE AND SOAP which is very important and necessary for the children.
JDMN LOVE BOX project is becoming bridge to reach those children who do not know about their savior Jesus Christ. Through this BOX full of love gifts we are bringing big smiles on their faces and introducing HIS passion to them so that they co

uld know the goodness and the creator of goodness (Jesus Christ). JDMN LOVE BOX impacting thousands of children around the country and bringing them into light from darkness. JDMN LOVE BOX is for every child without any difference, no matter who is he and where he comes from.
JDMN LOVE BOX is not just a box but this is SEED which we are continuously sowing even on BARREN LAND and we believe that this seed will definitely bring lots of fruit. These boxes were distributed 3 times in a year. Throughout the year children wait for the love boxes distribution, tell each other, share each other, makes plan to invite other friends to share the love of Christ. We are distributing thousands of love boxes every year among thousands of precious souls (Children) especially on the occasion of Christmas and Easter. These boxes are not just LOVE BOXES but also a source of awareness and chance to know about Christ love.