JDMN network of bible colleges

Bible says redeeming the time because the days are evil, in these evil days when world is running on parish ways, God almighty using JDMN Jesus Disciple Ministries for Nations® to produce NEW CHRISTIAN LEADERS through opening Bible Colleges around Pakistan.
JDMN mission is to bring the new leadership to work in “His” field effectively. For this cause we always try to avail the opportunity to open a Bible Colleges in small cities where Christian seminaries are far away. We found competent & qualified staff to teach to the new leadership. By the assistance of Holy Spirit on 2008 we have inaugurate the first JD Theological Seminary at Lahore and then Lord Jesus lead us to spread the network around Pakistan. From 2008 till 2018, 495 Bible students have been graduated from this network of Bible Colleges and running their own churches and ministries effectively.
By the association of Holy Spirit numerous women are taking admission in these Bible Colleges and becoming the vital part of God’s work with full enthusiasm, amazing thing is that their parents are encouraging them for this revolutionary step which is the signal of a BIG REVIVAL IN PAKISTAN. God is opening the heart and mind of the people so that their women can get Bible Education and serve according to their opportunities.
PAKISTAN is in desperate need of trained & equipped leadership who could teach other with proper knowledge & authority. 7 Bible Colleges are running in different cities of Pakistan. Our vision is to produce new Christian leadership with full competency. Our goal is to train thousands of leaders from all over Pakistan who could bring lot of fruit for His kingdom. We have vision to build a residential seminary so that the students from furthest could stay with us and learn.