Rebekah education system

Nobody can deny to the importance of education but unfortunately this is being ignored badly especially in slum part of Pakistan especially to the brick kiln’s colonies. Most of the people are living in slavery so that’ why they do not care about education. According to research round 20,000 brick kilns are working in Pakistan and 2 million children are working on brick kilns which are devastating point to the nation. These poor and needy people are sending their children to work instead of sending them into school to get education. Rebekah Education System is playing dynamic role to give free education to these children with full responsibility.
By the grace of God these desperate bleakness children are getting free education through Rebekah Education System and turning into light from darkness and despondency. Because of this dynamic step these children are not even getting education but also learning the manners to live life. Rebekah Education System is not even making them an educated responsible citizen but also developing their characters to be good human.
By the help of splendid educationists Rebekah Education System introduce an inclusive syllabus to brick kiln’s children which is dynamically helpful for the children to learn English, Urdu, and Mathematics. Rebekah Education never forgets to teach these children about the truth of BIBLE. Every education center has BIBLE TEACHER who is teaching them about their savior “JESUS CHRIST”.
Almost 500 children are getting free education in 7 Centers. Rebekah Education System is giving its possibility to eliminate child labour from Pakistan and will make it “CHILD LABOUR FREE PAKISTAN. Rebekah Education System is the ray of hope in pitch dark, become the part of this revolutionary project.