Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint ;( Proverbs.29.18)

By the grace of living God we have started our ministry with heavenly vision that God almighty place in my heart, thank God for that

  1. Our focus is to proclaim the gospel each and every corner of Islamic Republic of Pakistan especially into slum and neglected areas where no one likes to go because of lack of daily necessities, conveyance and some other reasons. But how! God’s work can be stop, God stands many Pastors, Evangelists, Laymen who are serving in these areas with great difficulties but they are presenting His name with joyful spirit.
  2. We have vision to plant 5000 home churches around Pakistan to bring His glory on earth.
  3. We have vision to feed the hungry people, and give them food, and build Best Care center for them, in that place they will grow in Christ name as well
  4. We have Vision for Christian Women to build skill center for them to make the poor women skillful to earn the livelihood for fulfilling their needs and feeding their Children in respective way. We wish to distribute free Sewing Machines among the ladies to earn their livelihood respectfully.
  5. we have vision for those young Christian women who wanted to read the Holy Bible, and they are uneducated, JDMN ministry have strong desire to build education Center for them Ministry priority is to win the young adults for Jesus Christ through different Christian activities like, especial participation in our open-air crusade, Quiz competitions, Singing Competitions, arrange sports festivals for them, and lot of other activities which can be helpful for their spiritual and physical growth.
  6. To take Holy Fire TV on satellite so that other part of world could that how Holy Spirit is moving in Pakistan.

Stand with us for this great vision